B & L Steripack

Anti-microbial Finish based on Nano Silver Technology

For many years, certain metals have been known to inhibit microbial growth, such as Zinc, Copper and Silver.

Silver has always been known as being very effect from the point of view that it exhibits a broad spectrum of efficacy. Today, we can harness that power due to our understanding of nanotechnology, and can apply silver in efficient quantities to textiles.

Silver ions control bacteria by means of a triple mechanism:

  1. Blocking oxygen-transporting enzymes, where oxygen is required for cell function.
  2. Inactivating sulphur-containing proteins of the bacteria. These proteins are required for DNA production.
  3. Locking the cell membrane. Studies have indicated that the use of metal salts render the cell membrane inactive, so “suffocating” the microbe.

The fact the silver acts on the atomic level – oxygen inhibition, at the DNA level and at the cell membrane level, makes it useful in combating viral, bacterial and fungal micro organisms.

Our nano silver treated textiles are non leaching. That means that the silver does not dissociate or leach out of the fabric over time. This makes it safe to wear against the skin.