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Crocs Mercy Work

Made for all-day, on-the-job comfort. Roomy by design like our original clogs, the Mercy Work offers generous room all around the foot. It has Crocs Lock™ tread for slip-resistance, heel-hugging backstrap, and a closed heel.

Mercy Work Features Sizes

• Roomy fit, like our original clogs, for
  maximum comfort.
• Designed for work environments -
  laboratories, school, medical facilities,
  and more.
• Crocs Lock™ slip-resistant tread.
• Tiny nubs along the foot bed provide a
  massage-like feel.
• Enhanced arch support and footbed.
• Heel strap for increased support and
• Easy to clean and odor-resistant.

Available colours :

Prices Exclude Vat
Delivery period 3-4 weeks

Note: Size W6 is not available untill February next year 2016

Size SA Size
W3 1
W4 2
W5 3
W6 4
W7 5
W8 6
W9 7
W10 8
W11 9
W12 10