B & L Steripack


Full catalogue of Exmoor Products (2.44mb pdf)

Medium Term Ventilation Tubes Features Sizes

• Reuter Bobbins
• Titanium Grommets
• Jain Vent Tubes
• Shah Ventilation Tubes
• Reddy Grommet
• Addenbrooke's/Owa (User friendly)

Long Term Ventilation Tubes Features Sizes

• Bel-Air Ventilation Tube
• Shah Permavent
• Cylindrical Ventilation Tubes
• Exmoor T-tubes
• Donaldson Grommet

Paediatric Ventilation Tubes Features Sizes

• Shah Mini Grommet

Jain Vent Tube Features Sizes

• Insertion easy and quick even in narrow
    and tortuous canals
• Made of high density polyethylene
• Typical indwelling duration of 12 - 24
• One size for both adults and children


Short Term Ventilation Tubes Features Sizes

• Shepards Drains
• Collar Buttons

Nasal Devices Features Sizes

• Nasal Splints - Silicone rubber
• Nasal Splints - Neiman
• Nasal Splints - Fluorocarbon Film
• Nasal Splints - Rigid/PVC

Suction Tubes Features Sizes

• Available with, or without, suction control
• Made to fit standard suction tubing
• Able to accept a Luer syringe
• Single use
• Fully engineered for safety in use
• Supplied with a cleaning stylet
• Good for your peace of mind
• Going to save you money

Single Use Suction Equipment Features Sizes

No more frustration
   no blunted or damaged myringotomes.
   no soiled or blocked suction tubes.
   no instrument change over delays.

No more risk
   no contaminated myringotomes to
   no contaminated, drill - damaged suction
   tubes to re-process.

No more worry
   no more doubts about 'best practice'.
   no more concern about professional

No more expensive
   absolutely no more reprocessing
   absolutely no more myringotome repair

Single-use Laser Suction Device Features Sizes

Dilkes Laser Suction Device
   This device is suitable for use with laser
   fibres of up to 600 μ diameter or with
   gas cooled fibres up to that diameter.

Laser Suction Devices
   This device has been developed for use
   with lasers. It is suitable for use with laser
   fibres of up to 300 μ diameter.

Order Code Pack
Feature Materials
S.201 50 Straight hdpe/ss/sv
S.202(l) 50 Curved Left hdpe/ss/
S.202(r) 50 Curved Right hdpe/ss/

Shaan's Model Features Sizes

• DVD (and printed) user instructions
• Head-set
• Disposable hats (for hygiene) x 10
• Protective box


Clarke Epistaxis Suction Rod Features Sizes

• This combined suction cautery device
    allows a user to apply the silver nitrate
    stick, whilst simultaneously removing
    blood from a bleeding vessel and
    thereby controlling the bleeding within
    the nose

Available sizes Pack of 20, Pack of 50

Sadek Choanal Atresia Stents Features Sizes

• Non woven disposable Nurses Bonnets
   with ties
• Overshoes elasticated
• Tanga Pants (S, M, L, XL)
• Mop Caps
• 100 per packet

Small 4.8 mm o.d.
Medium 5.4 mm o.d.


Single-Use Myringotomy Kits Features Sizes

• A new, sharp myringotome - every time
• No flushing/cleaning of soiled suckers
• No delays in theatre/OR
• No instrument repairs
• No hidden or extra delivery charges
• Reduced risk of infection
• The simple, convenient solution

Regular Kit: Everything you need -
except, perhaps, a needle
Basic Kit: Everything you need
Budget Kit: You supply the aural specula
- and needle?
Economy Kit: You supply the forceps, aural specula - and needle?

All sizes are 10 per pack.

Hickey 'Flexi-Tip' Sucker Features Sizes

• Safer - reduces the risk of trauma
• Single-use - so never (partially) blocked
• No reprocessing - no such expenses
   and no delays!
• Ergonomically sound - no strain to
   surgeon's hand
• Convenient and quick - no need to
   change instruments

Single-use Aural Specula Features Sizes

• Individually wrapped
• Sterile - single use

Single-use Cream Ointment Ear Syringe Features Sizes

• Simple
• Single-use device
• Supplied sterile and ready for use
• Comprises a standard 2.5ml syringe with
   an integral stainless steel delivery tube.

Bite Buffer Features Sizes

• Applicable to any patient - will conform
   to a very wide range of jaws.
• Stable in use because it accommodates
   to teeth, gums and palate.
• Safe in use, featuring a ribbon to secure
   to patient's clothing.
• Convenient in use.
• Re-usable and will withstand repeated
• Durable enough to endure many

Single-use Suction Clearence Kits Features Sizes

• Everything you need for suction
   clearance of the ear-in one handy,
   inexpensive pack.

Single-use Adenotonsillectomy Instruments Features Sizes

• Refined instruments.
• Wide choice.
• Consistently high quality.
• Good availability.
• Supplied sterile.
• Single use.

Ear - Packing Devices Features Sizes

• Shah silicone discs.
• It will readily assume the desired conical
• It will exert pressure evenly around the
• It will not readily distort when packed
• It will not adhere to, nor displace, the
   graft, during removal of the packing.
• It may remain in situ after packing has
   been removed, even when antibiotic
   drops in the canal are prescribed.
• Transparent - but blue-tinted.
• Shah packing strips.

Silicone Discs Pack of 25
Packing Strips Pack of 25

Stapes Protheses Features Sizes

• These popular stapes prostheses are
   fabricated in p.t.f.e.

Order Code Dia.
mm od
mm id
Length mm
ORP/9 0.6 0.7 6.1
ORP/10 0.4 0.7 6.1
ORP/11 0.6 0.7 6.1
ORP/12 0.4 0.7 6.1
All sizes are 1 per pack.

Silicone Rubber Sheeting Features Sizes

• A comprehensive range of materials for
   short-term or permanent implantation in
   the ear, nose or throat, supplied sterile
   and ready for use

Order Code Pack
SRS.1 20 35 40 0.125
SRS.1a(29) 20 35 40 0.125
SRS.6a(29) 5 35 40 0.2
SRS.5a(29) 5 65 95 0.55
SRS.2a(29) 5 65 95 0.85
SRS.3a(29) 5 65 95 1.25
SRS.4a(29) 5 65 95 1.75

Ear - Bone Harvester Features Sizes

• The new Moffat-Robinson Bone Pâté Collector is easy to use. It can collect any quantity of bone dust, up to a volume sufficient to obliterate an open mastoid cavity. Where previous collection devices have employed metal gauze filters, and have involved meticulous cleaning prior to re-autoclaving, the Moffat-Robinson Bone Pâté Collector is fitted instead with a single-use, labour saving, sintered plastic filter.

Order Code Description Pack
E.401 Bone Pâté Collector 1 polycarbonate
E.402 Bone Pâté Filters 5 hdpe

Sucker End Instruments Features Sizes

• Myringotomes
• Plain Sucker Ends
• Curved Sucker Ends
• Needle Sucker End

Order Code Description Length
S.1 Reddy Lancet Tip 32 22 < 3
S.1a Reddy Lancet Tip 40 18 3
S.1c Reddy Aspirating Myringotome 40 18 3
S.1e Reddy Arrow Myringotome 40 18 3
Plain Sucker Ends:
S.4 Plain Sucker End 40 18 3
S.5 Plain Sucker End 40 20 3
S.6 Plain Sucker End 40 22 < 3
S.7 Plain Sucker End 40 24 < 3
Curved Sucker Ends:
S.9 Shallow Curve 40 18 3
Curved Sucker Ends:
S.11 Right Angled 40 18 3

Single-use OPD instruments Features Sizes

• Made from the same steel as
   reusable instruments
• High quality
• Low prices