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Safety Scrubs™ Warm-up jackets - Fluid repellant exclusively from B & L Steripack 
Safety Scrubs are softer on the inside than cotton / polyester and provide protection.

Safety Scrub™ - The intelligent textile scrub suits and warm-up jackets

Anti-microbial Finish based on Nano Silver Technology
Silver ions control bacteria by means of various mechanisms:

Fluid Repellant
The safety scrub fabric is treated to repel potentially harmful bodily fluids, offering the healthcare worker a first line of protection.
Standard cotton and polyester / cotton garments will absorb these fluids.

Produced from continuous filaments, which prevent linting. Spun yarns are formed by twisting together short fibres creating a hairy appearance. These short fibres are called linters and can come free during wearing, potentially causing infections.
Safety Scrub fabric is lint free.

Allows moisture out while preventing fluid penetration up to 100mm water head.

The scrub suit inner has a unique "peach skin" finish to provide a natural feel and promote sweat absorption and dispersion away from the body.

On average the Safety Scrub suit  is lighter than the standard cotton fabric, so enhancing it's comfort properties.

With correct laundering and drying the safety scrub will retain it's superior properties for over 100 washes.
Caring for the Safety Scrub™, wash at 40 - 60 degrees Celsius.
Tumble-dry between 90 - 130 degrees Celsius.
Optional ironing or pressing

Available in Standard Scrub colors
See colour chart.
Colors may vary due to dye lot differences.