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Re-cyclex Surgical Gowns have been developed over a three year period with the latest state of the art technology to offer the most advanced protective gear for the heath workers.

Traditionally, surgeons gowns were constructed from cotton. 
Researchers noted that bacteria could easily pass from patient to the health worker.
A practical comfortable barrier fabric was required

Today Re-cyclex has the answer
A woven barrier fabric containing polyester microfiber, finished with suitable physical and chemical finishes to provide the balance between comfort and performance.

Fluid Barrier
The Re-cyclex fabric is treated to repel fluids. Fluid strike through may be measured in terms of water pressure, expressed as a water column height in millimeters. The Re-cyclex fabric exhibits typical values of greater than 250mm mercury pressure.

Anti-microbial Finish based on Nano Silver Technology
Silver ions control bacteria by means of various mechanisms:

Re-cyclex™ gowns are made from continuous filaments, which prevent linting. Spun yarns are formed by twisting together short fibres creating a hairy appearance. These short fibres are called linters and can come free during wearing, potentially causing infections.
Re-cyclex gowns are lint- free.

Traditional cotton are virtually porous and polyethylene films and rubber-coated textiles are not breathable.
Breathability is measured by the airflow of the fabric at a set pressure. The re-cyclex barrier fabric offers the best of both worlds: it has porosity and sufficient breathability to ensure maximum comfort.

Other Benefits
Latex free